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one year ago, today

One year ago today, I moved back to New York.  Three hundred and sixty six days later, I still do not know if I left my life or began running towards a new one, both statements being equally hyperbolic; It is impossible to leave part of one’s life behind because it will always be engrained in the memory, in the emotions and every decision and moment are permanently attached to time in order for life to continue pushing it all forward.  Same goes for starting a new one.

Last year on this exact day and around the same exact time as I am writing this, I sat across a table from the most beautiful woman I have ever known.  We shared breakfast together.  We tried to talk and it all ended up as small talk.  It was very difficult to breathe the entire morning.  I ate and felt more sick with every bite.  I stared, during the drive there, all during the meal, on the drive across the street then standing outside of the airport as I stood there with my bags ready to leave her.  I finally smelled her hair one last time as I grabbed her and almost crushed her with my embrace.  Then I turned around and walked.  I had to just go.

Last year for my birthday, I was on the beach with her all day.  It was simple and perfect.  She was the only person I talked with, the only person I saw and my life consisted of myself, her and whatever was a part of us at that moment.

Then I blinked, took a breath, got scared; One entire year now gone. For the past year, most of the moments that have filled my life have been moments of want, whether it be for a job, a reason, a purpose, love, companionship or answers.  I have wanted.

I often get annoyed with people who say that it doesn’t matter where I am but who I am inside.  I do not agree.  I believe that where I am is often a reflection of who I am inside.  I am here in New York because I have been too scared to stand on my own and accept that sometimes, good things end.  I have seen a year flash by as fast as a day because I have wanted, because I have had and am now without and refuse to let go.  I am here because I left my life in LA to come back to the life I had originally left to go there, and now I have two to contend with.  I came back here because I dove back into the trash to find the diamonds I lost, and I am afraid they are gone.  And it all keeps moving forward.

There was a time when I lived here and New York City was something else to me.  It was friends, it was the theater.  It was expression.  It was an endless family with the rest of them close by.  It was thirty years of all I knew, thirty years of development, of ideals, of education, of experience, of the entire colorful scale of emotion a human being acquires and lives through.

I find myself stuck now.  Stuck within rhetoric, stuck in fear, stuck with the reality of mortality and the want for either something more or something different.  I am stuck with ghosts, memories and the hindsight of what could have been done with second chances.  I am running in place fueling a machine that I do not believe in but I do not want to break free from it alone.

I know what is out there.  I know the endless nature, the bottomless quantities of cultures, the perfection of life just outside the traps of society; I have experienced a lot of it.

It’s been a year, and that’s all the time a person needs to give up and give in.  That’s more than enough time for the weak to succumb or the vulnerable to be broken.  I know, somewhere deep, that the time I needed for closure is nearing its end, that it is time for me to leave this place that now has nothing to offer me on a life path I once pursued and desire to get back on once again.  A wanderer, a journeyman, must continue moving.  When I tasted the food in Italy, it paralyzed me, but I eventually left.  When I swam in the middle of that pristine lake in El Salvador, I swore I’d float there for years, but I got on the plane to leave.  A year later, the smell of her hair still infects me, but I must learn to take it with me.  I must find a way for it to not strap my feet to the ground but to lift me up onto the wind to float me around once more.

I don’t know where I need to go to next, but, I never really did.  And I have the confidence and ignorance to not ask why or how.




1: lack of feeling or emotion: impassiveness

2: lack of interest or concern: indifference

Last year, over six hundred and eighty-five thousand New Yorkers, over ninety percent non-white, were harassed by a policy the police have adapted called Stop & Frisk, the success rate being approximately ten percent.  Complaints about Stop & Frisk were down thirty-four percent.

A few days ago, every news network in New York (and probably everywhere else) exploded with word that a shooter had shot ten people near the Empire State Building, ending with two people dead.  Everyone cried out about another gun massacre, a call to arms went up again about gun control and we all felt angry.  The truth, though, is that the shooter shot and killed one person.  The other nine people, including the shooter, were all shot by two police officers of New York City who discharged 16 rounds.

A couple of weeks ago, a man with a knife in Times Square was shot twelve times by police officers.  The man did not attack anyone and, after being confronted by police, lunged at an officer, which prompted them to open fire.  He was originally confronted for smoking marijuana and the police have come forward in admitting that they knew the man (from past arrests) and that they also knew that he was mentally unstable.

I will never deny the danger that our police officers are constantly in but I also refuse to deny the hypocrisy of that danger.  It is a job where the individual assumes the danger that they will face.  When one becomes an officer of the law, paid by the taxes of every citizen of New York City, they assume a responsibility to Protect and to Serve.  On the side of every police vehicle are the words Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.  They are also trained, extensively, in all and every sort of scenario that they might face.  I am proud of the resources that go into that training.

Restraint is a major part of that training.  In the face of a threat, those endless hours of gun training (again, that we have paid for) give them the skills to disarm and take down a perp with minimal danger to the criminal and to those in the surrounding area.  Restraint, focus, patience, professionalism.  The average citizen allows passion to overcome their actions, and that is what makes an officer of the law different.  That is why we trust them with deadly weapons and with our protection, because they should know better.

In every case above, their leaders, Raymond Kelly and Michael Bloomberg, have justified the actions of the police and have justified the force used.  That is to be expected.  I do not agree.  Personally, I am disgusted and disgraced that those types of actions are accepted and encouraged in the place where I live.  I have resided in New York City fourteen years.  In this past year, it is the first time in my entire time living here where I have felt more afraid of the danger from the police force I pay to protect me than I do the criminals in the city.  And, I know that I am not alone.

Perhaps I am just joining the party.  After-all, I know minorities have been reluctant targets of the police for decades before me.

There is only so much blame to be placed on these officers because this is what they are being encouraged to do by their leaders.  It is what they now are being taught.  And it is all being justified by the complete apathy, if not also the encouragement, of the citizens of this city.

Everyone is angry these days, but everyone seems to be more concerned with living a disruption-free life.  I have been searching for the word that best describes the new condition of the citizen-base of this city and the only word that continually stands at the forefront of my mind is pathetic.  The citizens of New York have become pathetic with the obsession of their apathy.  It has become a badge of honor to work, make money and disregard the effort necessary, the responsibility required, to fulfill their duty as an active citizen in a democracy.

Have we always been hypocrites and I am just seeing it?  Or have our priorities really become so selfish that we can make no effort whatsoever to stand up for what is right anymore?

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”







Common Sense

I am an adult.  All the people I associate with are adults.  Yet, I seemingly find myself in the most interesting situation of needing to explain common sense (with or without logic attached) to most of those adults that I am in frequent contact with.  It’s a phenomenon that completely confounds me.  Whether it be friends, ex-girlfriends, people I work with, it is always the same.  I’ll ask something, they will ask what it means, I explain it and they ask what it means.

“What I initially asked or the explanation of it?”

“Your explanation.”

“Well, my explanation was explaining my original question, which you didn’t understand.”

“Well, what was your original question?”

“First off, I just asked you it 26 seconds ago, so, surely you remember.  Second, regardless, you originally asked what the original question meant, so don’t bother worrying about the original question, just my explanation.”

“Well, what is your explanation?”

“I just told you my explanation right before this round robin of redundancy.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“No, I’m not an idiot.  What does that comment suppose to mean?”

“Well, if you know what redundancy means, than the comment should make sense.”

“Are you being an asshole?”

“No, I’m just trying to ask you one question and now, 3 minutes later, we’re talking in circles about nonsense.”

“Well, you don’t have to be sarcastic.  Just ask what you want to ask.”  “I Already Did!!!”

“Well, I don’t remember what you asked.  Ask me again.”

To which I usually answer, “Are you an adult?”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“You clearly are not an idiot, because we wouldn’t be friends.  Did I make a mistake?”

“In being friends with me or did you ask the wrong question?”

At which point I end up telling the person, “You’re a fucking idiot” and they get mad at me for being an asshole and giving them the run-around with all these ridiculous questions which, mind you, they have been asking ME.

Now, here’s where everyone (anyone) reading this will begin to hate me because, though I have no intention of stereotyping, I find myself usually having this type of a conversation (if you could call it that) with women.  I am not ragging on women, because I love women.  And, for some reason, I also subscribe to the theory that although men are the stronger of the sexes, women are the more intelligent.  Which then gets me thinking and makes me want to ask, “Women, do you just not listen to us or have I been wrong all along?”

I am being completely serious.  Men, on a whole, have such a negative perception of women.  Men look at women as sex objects, men look down on women and, being raised around women, I am always the first person to come to the defense of women.  But you make it so damn difficult sometimes.  Help me out.  Help yourself out.  Don’t go getting all pissy and defensive.  Take criticism, because I write this with honest and open intentions.  When I ask you a question, that question means EXACTLY what the words within the question, when put together, mean.

There is a quote from the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS.  Jack Nicholson’s character is getting into an elevator at his agent’s and the receptionist stops him and asks, “How do you write women so well?”  He answers with, “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”  Maybe I  am just stubborn, but I have refused my entire life to believe that this statement is true and yet, example proves, time and again, that women are intent on proving that line right.  What’s the deal?  I’m on your side.  Just use your common sense, please…

changing the world

Here is a poem that will change the world

It is not about love

nor is it political in nature

nothing about the history of hypocrisy

or the hypocrisy of the hipsters who have

taken over for no real reason but hypocrisy

There are no strange lands, magical creatures or garden gnomes

Alliteration, metaphors and onomatopoeia

will be suspended for the next few lines and pages

as will all strife to pour out my soul senselessly for strangers

(that’s really the last of it)

Yearning will cease

Anger tempered

Jealousy forgiven

Depression suppressed

After all, the world cannot change two dimensionally


Kings do not exist in this poem

No hierarchies, oligarchies or comics named archie

Fascism, rainbows, democracy, natural disasters

all sacred gods we have create are believed in no more

This, for the sake of worldly adjustment

Eliminated are all sunroofs, all windows, all screen doors

and equally

al mosquitoes, all lightening, all air cooling units

Movies are banned for forcing upon us alternate realities

Artists will skin the paint from their canvases

and displace it to hide the doors of the markets

so that the bells will ring in the financial corridors no more

Grammar, dots, slashes, swoops and spelling

do not matter in the least bit


No more jokes

Forget about mail, electronic or owl post

no more phone fax telegram wire-on-a-can

in fact

in this world

communication will halt for all but present company


Roads have been deemed unnecessary

ships may not be larger than a raft

planes have forgotten how to fly

unless carried on the backs of migrating birds

Taken away is the nostalgia of yearning times

as well as the yearning for new nostalgic memories

Synthesized music and food will not be tolerated

Pollution of any and all varieties

whether it be verbal sewage or toxic sludge

will be stripped from every crack of intention

In addition, all resources will be buried back into the earth


There is no structure

(if indeed it is going to change the world)

Buildings to rubble to dust to mud


This poem is not about religion or zealots

abortion, death, torture are removed from its boundaries

Opinions do not matter here

facts never existed

roe models have no part to play

all bridges lead to the horizon

and any point forgotten

may be added

let us begin


here is a poem that will change the world…





a writing from bourbon st

the street

the jazz

the music

all these diggalicious people jammin’ the jive

the inspiration

the cliché

the clarity

i see it, i dig it

four sips of katrina

i understand

lives get shattered and rebuilt

in a place like this

flooded and reborn, as i am now becoming

checking my mind at the door

my body to the gypsy guarding the closet


the woman in white keeps looking over

wondering what i am writing

what i am doing in the corner like cassady

sweating, grinding teeth

admired in sal’s paradise

fondly detaching

dislocating body from breath

life from dream

delusion from thought

lying on this marble

licking the chops of the legends

the lucky creatures

born into this imaginary utopia

blowing beside the Christ Buddha

ass fucking euphoria and refusing to cum

cause this drug’s too good to waste

hurtling through time

on a roofless yellow school bus

finger licking

the black

the blonde

the decapitated

this ain’t your Disneyland version

of hurricane Cajun blues

where the second floors store

the papier-mâché facades

this is the history

as real as teeth sinking into raw flesh


crack of a bullwhip

now god’s in on the party

bringing a downpour of celestial sweat

deadly streaks of manifested electricity

and i am in the corner

grinning like lucifer

plunging through the purity of lunacy


if i were ever to be exorcised

tonight is the night

i have succumb to the wrath of atomic energy

the writhing rapture of nirvana

open your mouth

take it

i’ll be pouring these words

bourbon chasers

for as long as i can go





10 of us

10 of us,

all trying,

all creating,

all fighting that same battle,

and we are all dying, staring at these screens.


10 of us,

in a circle


encapsulated in electronic solitude.


10 of us,

we have lost sight of the community

with distrust of the freedom we could experience,


wanting and dreaming and hoping

distracting and running

when collectively, here, we possess

all we need

all we have to have,

ritualistically sitting in a circle

indigenous in the breathe of each other’s souls.


10 of us

refusing to look at each other,

and put off when we catch an eye

rather than sharing the love

we have inherently been created from.


kiss each other

10 of us

talk to me, love me

10 of us

feel the skin rubbing each other

10 of us

breathe and talk

10 of us

smell the fruits, the ocean

10 of us

the sourness

10 of us

laugh and get angry

10 of us

wink at me

10 of us

I will wink at you


10 of us

feel that tingle when caught

10 of us

you tell me and I will tell you.


10 of us

changed from 100 years of paper barter,

lost in the ocean

when the land is in plain view

just through the fog;


10 of us

if we all breathe deep


the air will clear


10 of us

we will create

not the right life

but the delicious one,

and we won’t have to ask, anymore,

what happened to bohemia?





Why I Left Facebook

We need, we consume and then we need again, in gluttonous amounts, until we are ill, worn down and putrid.  We then want someone else to fix it.  Personally, I am exhausted by need, my organs ache, my mind is filled with chaos.

There’s an old term that addicts refer to.  The Click.  It refers to not being settled or content until you consume enough to give you that feeling of settlement, of euphoria, of having enough.  It literally feels as if a click is set off inside of you allowing you to feel comfortable knowing that you have finally had enough.  Problem is, the more you consume, the longer it takes for that click to happen.  After a while, you pass out before it happens because you are just too far gone.

I have no major addictions in this life.  Still, most times, I feel so unsettled, waiting for that universal click of life; That moment when I receive all the clarity I need, that moment when I cross into bliss, into euphoria, and life never goes back to the troublesome questioning and frustration it often becomes.

Though not a monumental feat by any means, I have chosen to close my Facebook account and move on with my life.  For anyone who cares, here are my reasons why.

Tools like this site, and tools like the internet, are intended to be used to open our lives, to expand our worlds.  Trouble is, now that we have everything accessible at all times, our lives, as a result, have become smaller, more exclusive.  Based on the basic algorithms on which sites like Facebook and Google run on, websites often track what we like, what we focus on and rather than challenge us with new information relating to these interests, they feed us more of what it is we already know and believe in. The sites reassure us that we are correct.  When I finally (reluctantly) began using Facebook, it was such a cultural awakening for me.  Yet I have noticed over the past couple of years that I never really see the opinions of those I disagree with show up on my account, even though we clearly are still “friends”.  My world, as a result of this expansive technology, has become narrower.  I have chosen lazy comforts over mental expansion.

In plain terms, though, this site has served its purpose for me and now it is time to move on.  I was alive when life was much simpler (relatively speaking) and I realize now that most people who are more than two to three years younger than I will never have a concept of that type of life.  True, I was raised on computers, but the age of the internet brought changes to the world and brought with it access to a type of endless knowledge not seen since the Industrial Revolution.  Well, I, for one, miss the days of not knowing, I miss not being connected because being without made me more curious, made me strive more and made me earn what I know and have.  Now that everything and anything is all so readily available, life has become about consumption; More friends, one-liners of mostly useless information crammed into my mind, endless news, endless endlessness.  One of my favorite quotes is “We were so preoccupied as to whether or not we could that we never stopped to think about whether or not we should.”  I am over-saturated and ready to be empty once again.  After all, knowledge never made a man wise.

Why have we become so obsessed with being loved by everyone?  I learned at a young age that friends don’t come easily and the few that stick around as we age are the ones who transcend the thousands who pass through.  Those who we lose touch with over the years disappear because either or both sides took no interest in remaining in each other’s lives.  Over the last few years, I have reconnected with hundreds and hundreds of people and I, too, became obsessed with how expansive and important I assumed my life had become.  As a result of sites like Facebook, I have also personally seen most of the close friends with whom I had remained in contact with succumb to this now endless world of so-called community and acceptance.  We grew apart because they could not understand why I placed more value on our tangible friendship as opposed to the virtual ones that were more gratifying and equally less challenging to them.  A message replaced a conversation, a “like” replaced support and a funny picture replaced the human element of being present for the laughter and joy of a friend.  I realized that through sites like this, I have ceased living in reality.  I placed my trust in apparitions, and when I was in real human need, I often found my life was empty, void of real people.  What’s worse, I started doubting myself when times got really difficult and I could find no one offline to be there for me.

There’s yet another old saying, “We are the reflection we witness through the eyes of our friends.”  Facebook, and as a matter of fact, most social networking sites, is a community of self-glorification.  It is used to promote, ponder and proclaim all that is perfect and perpetually disastrous in our lives.   Say anything, and it is immediately condoned or condemned; sometimes both together.  There is no privacy, no personal space.  Therefore, over the years, an unconscious assumption is grown within the psyche that all thought is wanted, and that either justification or damnation is necessary for all thought.  Well, for me, this gives me a false notion of myself.  I have always been a very private person.  Facebook, however, runs completely counter to my belief of how I would like to live my life.  The basic principle behind it was to have a completely open and shared community online.  For someone of a private nature, this can be a dangerous path to trod down.  In 2008, an old friend finally convinced me to try the site, and I have since forced myself out of my shell.  The result of living counter to my instincts is that I have become dried & burnt, righteous & entitled, now finding myself floating in a dead sea that won’t allow me to swim to shore.  I want to get back to the quiet, reflective artist I once was.

Psychological and emotional rationale aside, there is one last reason why I am deciding to close my account.  In my quest for honesty and integrity, I have often rallied against hypocrisy.  Although it is inevitable at times, I try to make choices whenever I can to eliminate hypocritical actions within my own life.  As someone who has been a major critic of the financial system of this country, I cannot look past the fact that Facebook is currently involved in one of the largest insider trading scandals of the year, while being primarily underwritten by an institution, Goldman Sachs, that was one of a handful of companies responsible for the near collapse of the entire world financial system.  Facebook, now a public company and not shy about its corrupt privacy policies, has now become no better than the financial Wall Street filth I have long despised and protested against.  I have not supported Google for years now because of those same reasons.  It would be hypocritical of me to continue to support Facebook now.

The reasons are not perfect, but, they are my own.  Perhaps I am making a much bigger deal out of this than there needs to be.  I just see how much this one website has transformed the world, for good and bad, and I felt it was time that I address the issue.

I have had a lifetime of being surrounded by people (friends and family included) who would always choose their self-interest over my best interests; who would never grant me the respect of the standards they demand for themselves.  I suppose I don’t need an imaginary website to remind me of that daily.  I’m ready to get back to living a real life again.


anthony frisina

i used to be a poet

I used to be a poet

I used to be able to do what I wanted

and tell you about it slip slamming through words

making thoughtful soliloquies of dips in a valley

of rhythm

of giddy childhood joy…

but then I lost those words.

I cleaned up

became responsible

lost all of my desire

so, I have stared at my screen


for these words to begin pouring out, again


for the one girl to drag them from my flesh

someone who could make me feel



comfortably happy

and everyone’s gonna think it’s them

and women will continue coming in and out

and all of them will try to claim their prize

and even if my body rides the waves into the rocky coast

I am about to be the me, the thee,

who could live in this treehouse

I have been building all these years.

I never needed it to make sense

I’ve only needed it to happen

because the stakes are low

the reward is high

and the loss will not be that measurable


I take another dip into the forbidden pool,

the one I have soaked myself filthy in once before

It was a different time

and now


I am trying to hold onto someone long enough

to take one breath with


at the end of the day,

that’s what never stops

and I want to stop this selfish streak

and share my breathing

I want to wake up

smelling that dew covered flower whispering from her mouth

I want to feel

the breeze of her hand passing by my ear

as she curls up,

five more minutes,

refusing to allow me to grow up

to begin my day.


It’s a good feeling.

Waking up with a woman you desire in your bed

Coming to and knowing

your first thought is her


the vulnerable selflessness.

And, when you wake up,

she is as in love as you are.


ah, well…

that’s something a poet could not describe anyway.




A Long Brief Opinion on ACA Ruling

Here’s how I see it and what I’ve found through research.  This bill is not perfect but it is far better than what we had and far better than any alternative that was offered.  With that said, here’s why?

1.  I make a decent amount of money, but not a lot.  As it is right now, health insurance is not even an option for me.  Way too expensive.  Which means, something needs to happen to bring down the costs.  As of now, if you have insurance you and/or your employer pay through the roof for mediocre coverage.  If you get sick, there’s a very good chance that the insurance company will either raise your rates or drop you.  And that’s legal right now.  If you don’t have insurance (as I do not), then whenever I need to go to the doctor, I go to the emergency room (or a clinic) and it’s relatively “free”.  I use quotes because someone pays for it, and that is the average taxpayer.  So, right now, being unemployed, I don’t pay as many taxes as a $50k+ citizen, but I get health insurance from it and you pay for it, though none of that money goes anywhere near insurance companies.  So, now, the government is telling me that if I want to enjoy that “free” health care, I need to pay for it (by 2016, 2.5% of my income in ‘fines’ or possibly now taxes if I DO NOT buy insurance).  This means, if you have insurance, not only will your rate probably be lowered, but you will owe nothing in fines.  Now, this was the mandate but now that the fine is deemed unconstitutional and SCOTUS claims a tax would be constitutional, sadly, everyone will now probably face the brunt of cost rather than just people like me who have no insurance.  Conclusion:  If we had a single-payer system, nothing that we are arguing about would be an issue, but (and before you scream, this is not a partisan statement but fact) the republicans in Congress blasted Obama for even suggesting a single-payer system and the democrats (and obama) were too spineless to fight for it.  So, now, we get a mediocre piece of legislation.

2.  It’ll kill business:  If you are a small business, you get a 35% tax credit under this law in 2014 and it goes up to 50% in 2016, so, small business is going to be just fine.

3.  The plan, as originally created, pays for itself.  The cost it incurs is offset by the mandatory payments of the 50 million people like me who now pay absolutely nothing for the healthcare we receive.

I align myself with no party and I only support this current president about half of the time, but, to link SCOTUS’s opinion (on making the mandate a tax) to Obama is entirely unfair.  The Supreme Court brought that up and it needs to be approved by Congress (which is almost primarily run by conservatives…definitely not Obama-friendly).  I agree that the government should not mandate us to do anything, but, we live in a global world right now so that is a must.  The real question of our modern-day, technological society is “how much should the government be allowed to mandate?”  Almost 50% of my income taxes goes towards military spending.  So, when I look at my check and $100 was taken out in federal taxes, $50 of that goes to the Pentagon.  6% goes to physical resources and almost 40% goes to human resources.  So, on average, I am mandated to give about 60%-70% of my taxes directly to programs and institutions that I would be very happen to be seen gone.  If I am going to give that much money away, I’d like to be able to take care of the myriad of health issues I have right now but cannot afford to.

What this comes down to is balance.  We focus on only the amount of dollars rather than the value of those dollars.  Everyone agrees that the healthcare industry, like most other major industries these days, is abhorrently corrupt and cares not about healing but about making money.  A lot people also agree, though, that the government should not be a regulatory entity and has no right in telling someone else how to run their company.  Well, there needs to be a balance.  I was watching Fox during the decision and I found it fascinating that they were arguing against the ACA and saying that we should have a single-payer system when, again, that was what the original bill was that they railed against.  This DOES matter because outside of metropolitan USA, this is the news source most people follow.  Anyone who has read the bill knows that there is good here and that it’s going to cost us a little now to have “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” later.

check your labels

To anyone who is against abortion, check your labels.

You attack liberals here in America for being pro-choice, for accepting the free rights of women whether we agree with abortion of not (I, personally, do not support abortion).  But, please, look at the bottom of your cup.  Do you have a phone?  A computer?  Check the labels in your clothes.

The majority of “stuff” in this country is made in China.  Our money, now, is owned by China.  By Communist China.  That means the companies who you support directly support communism.  In fact, we are their biggest customers.  In this Communist China (that you now support), they have a practice called infanticide and a more gender-specific one called femicide as well as a one-child policy.  Families are only allowed one child and the government is allowed to kill the child, either through abortion or immediately upon birth, if it is a gender they do not approve of.  More times than not, the gender they disapprove of is female.

The dollars you spend, the clothes you wear, the electronics you need and the companies you support directly support abortion.

So, while I support your right to your opinion about abortion and being pro-life, stop attacking me.  Start with yourself and check your labels!