pointless game

by anthony

why am i so angry?
because someone has to be.

does anyone have anything new to say
i might find remotely interesting, original?
i might actually learn anything from?

the sun seems to burn my peripheral more so
these days
my body is burnt out
a hundred days of fire

no matter where I go
there are just brains walking in their vats
living aimlessly and cluelessly
protecting their selves with self love
sharing none with those who need it
intentionally ignorant to the fog
of pain they waddle through daily
they look at me, side eyed, scared
stare like i am a monster
preach peace
claim love as their highest guide
yet reject, cancel, hate, segregate
anyone who believes otherwise
hiding in their ivory towers
cast off with scornful judgment
anyone who challenges the bubble

Siddhartha was right
when he sat and smiled
and laughed at the comical apparition of commerce
at those who took advantage of him
it is all just a game, he knew
and most of the world plays
mistaking their neverending exercises in absurdity
for actual reality
with pride and honor
for the sole purpose of self-adulation

when i walk
all i witness are
not players but
wandering, short-circuited, short-sighted creatures
drugged, raped, lying, buying and voting for more
at what point does the master
bore themselves from their aggression
towards the mindless, the hopeless, the conscious dead?
it is all just a game, i know
but i do not want to win this game
as so many others give their lives to do
i do not even want to play
as unavoidable as it is

why am i so angry?
because someone has to be.