quarantine diary (1 of 3)

by anthony

It is the rhetoric that scares me.  Human rhetoric.  Already the most dangerous and feared living organism on this planet, we have made ourselves worse by our mostly blind obedient rhetoric.  And every time something like this happens, I still manage to find myself surprised that we are turning a blind eye again. One thing I have learned and also teach is that, to begin to change the problems of our society, we need to stop being surprised by the expected. But, even still, I am surprised by the world´s response.  Still, it makes me internally exhausted hearing the phrases, “We have to do whatever we can,” and “we must do what they tell us.” 

I am of the 9/11 generation.  When I was 23 years old, I was there in NYC during the attack.  I was not “woke” or aware, really, by that point in my life.  I was cynical, I was suspicious and I was starting to get angry by the time the planes hit, but I was pretty clueless as well. 

When Bush stole the election, and commissioned the Judicial Branch of our government in the United States to conspire, it was the first time I truly started becoming suspicious of the motives and beliefs of the average human.  You know, the people who teach us right and wrong, morality, etc.  Everyone just let it happen.  The world community did not even intervene.  Not one “ally”, or friend got in our face for being so fraudulent, for committing one of the highest crimes in a free country.  It was so blanant but everyone, especially and firstly Al Gore, said, when he refused to fight, “We all have to do what we can. We just have to be responsible citizens and follow their decision.” These were all of the people I was taught to be like, to emulate, to revere and whose standards and morals I should aspire to.  

The mentality was that it was already decided, and, yea, it was wrong, but, let´s be good boys and girls and just accept it.  So, when the planes hit, and I saw W just sitting there in that classroom, my skepticism started growing, and I already had a feeling as to what was about to happen. A lot of people did, and most started denying reality.   

Within the months that followed, law after law was beginning to be passed, department after department began opening within the government, both in the States and across Europe, Asia, Africa, everywhere.  The opportunity for unity quickly became the reason for division. If you really take the time to think about it, most things we protest against and complain about today were created in the aftermath of 9/11.  But, looking around, rather than people coming together to stop this “virus“ of fear, I started hearing the same line, “We all have to do whatever we can, and we are doing what we can.”  People just sat around while a select few individuals claiming to represent humanity gathered and consolidated their power, and permanently changed the direction of the standard for the civilized society of the human race.  And as a result, we have killed millions of us to get retribution for the death of thousands of us.  We have ended civility because of an wildly over-exaggerated response to a problem that was always a part of humanity and always will be a part of humanity.  

But rather than encouragingly directing our anger towards these consolidations and these corruptions and these laws and this restructuring of our society, people, like me, started getting threats and attacks.  

“9/11…what is the matter with you?!”
Patriot Act. Sanctioned torture. Rendition…
“This is serious. You HAVE to take this seriously.”
Ethnic profiling. Racial profiling. Ramped up consumerism…
“We have to protect ourselves at any cost.”
TSA, NSA, CIA and worldwide civilian murder on an unprecedented scale…
“Most importantly, we have a responsibility to protect everyone else.”
All to keep us all safe…  

It just did not make sense…


(to be continued)