Please lose your mind…

by anthony

The solution to 
All of our problems
All of our anxieties
Will magically disappeared
The moment we truly
Throughout every cell inside of us
And always have been.  

We are determined to believe 
Wisdom comes with age
Wisdom comes with parenthood
Wisdom come with education
that we accept any form of these as being on the right path

But we are wrong
And we always have been wrong
Because we were taught wrong
Because they were taught wrong
Because the foundation of that education
Was wrong

Nothing about the celebrated norms of our society is right

THAT will be the second big bang of existence;
The moment the human mind collectively, spontaneously
is infected with that realization
with that seed

For decades, we have been building towards this point
the crazies and the hippies and the dreamers and the dancers
have all known this
The mystics
The ancient indigenous
who existed long into old age
before modern medicine and technology
all knew this

The neocortex is ready to bloom
but we water it with Gatorade and keep it in dark rooms
blasting it with artificial white light and compressed sound waves

“The other way around is not healthy too
You are a tragic person”
So this morning I try to look at myself, 
and the imbalance I have created in my own life
because the pendulum swings two ways, and just because I have 
embraced the beautiful rich darkness of life
of our existence
perhaps I also, too, have fallen into that same extreme trap 

I have forgotten to also find joy and beauty and love in the chaos

We should all be crying
We should all be ashamed
We should all be humbled
We should all breathe it in
We should all smile and laugh at ourselves like the buddha dreamed we would
We should watch the wheels roll by as Lennon wished for us to do
We should all remember that, 
although we love and embrace life
it has to eventually end…
we do not have to suffer in tragedy anymore
but rather embrace the inevitable and laugh at it
We should all forget about progress
We should all just stop trying to be productive in our caves
and look out at the sunlight like Plato prophesied 

We should spend all of our energy on not being scared anymore
We should teach ourselves to cope rather than avoid
We should finally start to live

How is your servitude helping you now?
What good were all of your deadlines and your bills and goals?
How many of them grew from your deepest dream and vision
of what that child many years ago thought would be possible, thought she or he would be?

How far from our personal starting lines are we really right now?

NOW is the time to be honest with yourself. 
Go through the process of anger, of self-loathing, of personal disgust
at the current state of the individuals we have become.

It is ok.  

Just forget about the law of attraction for a moment
Because the law of honesty, of truth, of humility is much more powerful
Let us finally be honest with and about
Our communities
Our societies
Our habits
The way we grow food, the way we help each other, the way we live together…
Let us finally not want but offer

Walk through the darkness in these weeks
breathing, understanding that you must keep walking
because there IS something you will find
I promise
Do not stop 
by any means
through your walls
past your breaking points…
Sob uncontrollably, scream as hard as you can

You, we, I have been unbalanced for too long
Every Emotion, Every Feeling, Every Dream is necessary right now
Every color in our palate needs to be available
But that means you need to find them
We all need to find those dark, frightening colors
that we have locked away into the lost cracks of our years of heartbreak

It is a cliche that there would be no light without darkness
but maybe we should wipe away that insidious word and remember that
there really is no light without darkness.  
We have forgotten that the books we love, the music we cry to
the stories we crave are stories of tragedy 
because the experience of pain is what gives us the sensation of strength and hope;
The agony of self-transformation is what will give us the confidence to believe. 

Let us go there, 
into the abyss
charge right into it and never let the feet cease churning
even for a moment
and when it gets too hard
It is just a phase
The bad trip WILL end
so, keep going, because when it does end, 
You will feel so much better being on the other side, 
Walking away from it
Rather than having the exhaustive task of facing the frightening darkness once again.

Right now
Lose your mind
Let us all lose our minds
And just maybe we will find our souls again