i say; you say

by anthony

Do we really care?

The privileged stay home, silently

while those who have always suffered

    do even more so now

We lock the poor and sick in pig pens

    and congratulate each other for the hard, necessary work

    “We all must do our part.  We all must do what is essential”


You fly around the world infecting people

    then blame me for spreading the disease on my isolated walks

You continue to build homes and hotels for the rich

    then accuse me of righteous ignorance while I am homeless

You bail out the banks and big businesses

    then silence my screams about the pennies given to poverty

You close down factories and overcharge hospitals

    then mock me for my insistence on solidarity and wealth redistribution


I say “other people are dying”

    and you say “I did not know”

I say “now you do”   

    and you say “I am helpless”

I say “here are the ways”

    and you say “I cannot do it”

I say “you must”

    and you say “You are righteous”

I say “but people are dying”

    and you say “Over there. Not in my home”

I say “sacrifice”

    and you say “I must protect my grandma”

I say “i am hopeless”

    and you say “Believe”

I say “in what?”

    and you say “Humanity”

I say “but people are dying”

    and you say “Believe even harder”

I say “you must do something”

    and you say “I am.  I hope and I believe”

I say “you must do more.  something. concrete.”

    and you say “Respect my opinion.”

I say “your opinion is killing people”

    and you say “You have no right to say that”

I say “respect my opinion”

    and you say “The majority rules, decides”

I say “we are the virus”

    and you say “You are heartless”

I say “people are suffering”

    and you say “I must care for myself first”

I say “but other people are dying”

    and you say “I did not know…”



do we really care?

Or do we just want to feel like we do?