Who We Americans Really Are…

by anthony


I am not one who thinks favorably of voting in the traditional sense on a national scale.  For many years, I have felt that it is a waste of energy, excitement and effort in this particular country given the structure regarding voting.  In my country, our vote does not count, never really has and most likely never really will.  We are not a direct democracy.  I can argue the semantics of that statement with anyone (and I know that I am right) but, there is no point to do so.  The reason I say there is no point is the very same reason I am writing this at this moment.  The reason is because we the people are helpless and will hold onto any belief that makes us feel that we matter, so we refuse to accept otherwise.

I was discussing this with a friend, expressing my disappointment in the rise of Hillary Clinton, and in the sad ignorance of the liberal minded, the cowardice of the libertarian and the inaction of the anarchist.  “This is a political revolution,” is what I have been hearing from people who are in support of Bernie Sanders, but, all this “revolution” really has become is a match that sparks but never lights.  It’s a tale as old as time.

Then a good friend says to me, “The closest thing to a real revolution right now is Trump.”  Because of my disdain for Donald Trump,  I initially disagreed with that statement, but the next comment he said changed my mind.  “He is almost the perfect representation of the American society: Greedy, disconnected, self-interested and shallow.”

The revolution we may want (we being the fiscally-conservative-socially-liberal) is not the revolution we have because the revolution we want takes work, investment and above all, personal sacrifice.

Trump and Sanders are the so-called “outsiders” representing the bookends of the two sides of our personality.  They are supposed to be upending the government to bring about the country that we have wanted, not the one we have had to live with for all of these decades.  However, Trump is clearly going to win the nomination and most likely the presidency; Sanders’ match is refusing to light.  I thought about my belief in voting and my friend’s deduction of Trump and that is when I realized that perhaps I am not entirely correct, because he is absolutely correct:  Washington IS a representation of we the people, and Washington is an indictment of our laziness, of our lack of self-sacrifice, of our passionate and willful ignorance. THAT is what Trump’s revolution represents, taking the veil off of Washington as an entity of parental responsibility, breaking down the courtesy of politics and exposing the reality of what people in the United States are truly willing to work for (or not work for).  The rise and popularity of the popularity of Hilary Clinton is no different, and someone like Bernie Sanders might inspire, but ultimately will not endure.

Ideologically, most humans can simplistically be placed within the categories of the selfish, the selfless  or the apathetic.  The fact that a man like Donald Trump is much more popular than anyone else in this election cycle is truly representative of the majority of the people he will be representing (even if it IS a slight one).  The selfless are too few in number and the apathetic only bolster that “self-interested, shallow, greedy disconnection” that the modern-day American has come to embrace and become.  Our vote does not matter because, for whatever valid reason we might give, we are never willing to dedicate all the energy and resources of our lives to work to support that vote.  Simply speaking, we are not willing to be the change we wish to see in this world.

Of the people. By the people.  For the people.  When you look at this election, understanding who The People are is quite clear.