My Mountains

by anthony

I always seem to convince myself that my resources are tapped.

I always know I am great

I just believe I am empty.

I often find the courage,

it’s the confidence that seems to hide.

So, I tend to do what’s necessary…

trust in the simple fact

that life just keeps on going…

it’s been here before

it will be here after

one step in front of the other

when eventually, moments arise

moments when I am out of body

moments when I am away from home

far from my country

wandering strange mountains trying to befriend strange people

I force myself, daily, moment by moment,

to bring my feet to the edge of the highest mountains.

I challenge everyone I meet to try to capture me.

I mock them, I mock you

and push them, and push you

and force them, and force you, to chase me to that edge

because I am not a soul who can succeed through complacency.

I look back at them, back at you,

and choose within life or death circumstances.

I am never forced by society, by you

I dare them, I dare you, to try to make me conform.

I position myself to die or fly by choice

I want them, I want you, to always try to overtake me

to catch me

because I know I will always jump.

I’d rather die as who I want to be

than be mauled by traditionalism.

Moment by moment, in my life,

I always seem to convince myself I am empty,

until I throw myself off the cliff

and I begin falling.

It’s then when those wings sprout again

and I just fly to that next mountain.