check your labels

by anthony

To anyone who is against abortion, check your labels.

You attack liberals here in America for being pro-choice, for accepting the free rights of women whether we agree with abortion of not (I, personally, do not support abortion).  But, please, look at the bottom of your cup.  Do you have a phone?  A computer?  Check the labels in your clothes.

The majority of “stuff” in this country is made in China.  Our money, now, is owned by China.  By Communist China.  That means the companies who you support directly support communism.  In fact, we are their biggest customers.  In this Communist China (that you now support), they have a practice called infanticide and a more gender-specific one called femicide as well as a one-child policy.  Families are only allowed one child and the government is allowed to kill the child, either through abortion or immediately upon birth, if it is a gender they do not approve of.  More times than not, the gender they disapprove of is female.

The dollars you spend, the clothes you wear, the electronics you need and the companies you support directly support abortion.

So, while I support your right to your opinion about abortion and being pro-life, stop attacking me.  Start with yourself and check your labels!