What are your intentions?

by anthony

Perhaps I am just too sensitive.  Perhaps I care too much and I am too angry and that is the reason why I am sitting here writing this on a Sunday morning when I should be out enjoying this beautiful weather.  Perhaps it’s because I think too much, read too much and I tend to look at life’s circumstances from thousands of different angles too much.  Perhaps I’m just annoyed that those not with the highest of sense but with the loudest of voices are the ones who get heard, who shape our civilization.

Perhaps it’s because when I get angry at you, you tell me to relax and that I must understand you, I must compromise, I must be the bigger person.  Yet, when you get angry at me, somehow, it is always justified.

When have I ever proposed that you should be put to death for disagreeing with me?  When have I ever told you that you should be beaten and arrested for believing in what you believe in?  When have I ever told you that you deserve to be followed, tortured, electrocuted for your morals and for your honest, deepest convictions?

When I was younger, there were so many principles I believed in; an endless list.  It’s what we do in our youth.  We’re ideological, we’re passionate, we have boundless energy and we often see things in life very clear cut, very black and white.  As I have gotten older, I have learned to strip away a lot of those “principles” and hone in on what really defines me.  At this crossroad in my life, there really is only one principle that I whole-heartedly reject in a human being and one principle I utterly revere.  Respectively, they are hypocrisy and integrity.

I often try to live up to this statement in my own life and I understand that, at times, I flounder in my quest.  I can be a hypocrite and I have made decisions in my life that have stripped me of much of my integrity.  I am human, as everyone is.  I consider this awareness of my faults as a gift, though; a unique, beautiful gift that I have and that I know a lot of people in this world have as well.

So, what’s the difference?


If you have ever complained about something not being right with this country, whether it be the banking system or education or corruption, it is intentionally hypocritical of you to condone the beating of a protestor who repeatedly is out there fighting to change that corruption.  If you are in favor military conflict (war), in any realm, it is intentionally hypocritical of you to ever display violent anger at a person who is in favor of bringing about the death of another person or an unborn fetus.  If you are dedicated to your faith, your God, your scripture, it is intentionally hypocritical of you to cast the first stone and not love all people unconditionally.  And the summation of your hypocrisies creates the integrity of which you live your life by.

So, before you go on your rant to attack me, think…Do your beliefs and your intentions pair evenly with your words and your actions?  If not, is it possible that you could be a hypocrite?  And, if you discover that it does, are you willing to put aside the Ego and the Pride to salvage your integrity and understand that you are the sum of all of your beliefs?