(*as a note, I am not against reposting, which is why I am bringing this one back.)

(**as a second note, i feel, in all of our political rhetoric and combat as of late, it seems that we have completely forgotten the tens of thousands soldiers still fighting around the world, still not given the chance to join in the argument.)



I heard a baby cry today and

it took me back to those days.


A simple gurgle of a teary scream from a child

too young to even speak

and the sound began blowing in my

eyes stinging and swarming

them so much I had to cry.


This pillar of strength

broke that easy from a distant

whimper down a dark alley.


I was walking down a street when I heard this

and fell into a hole two people deep with

firecracker blues lightin’ up the sky.

I fell into the dirt,

closed my eyes from the sandpiper’s

song that made me cry,

dropping my glass breaking on clay

retreats of my brother’s tumble weed,

smoking memories of reality into a

fairytale nightmare I was trying

not to remember.


I couldn’t find any way back after hearing

that silent prayer of

babies everywhere unable to

comprehend where their life just went

and I dug

through mud, concrete

tearing through fingernails and skinned

tips of my hands

clear to the bone

trying to escape this



“dear god, not again…”


Sun blasting holes through these khaki tears

like acid igniting the broken

rocks under my eyelids

rummaging under a sky of

independence like shooting stars

too close for this fragile slum to protect.


Screams in my ears pierce this battered soul

of mine as I heard that baby cry…

but I can’t save her…I can’t.

I can’t even see her because I am buried

under limbs unformed and

bodies unborn

and I’m drowning swimming through

these toddlers in the mud

who never asked for their chance to

be my bragging right…
but I was falling behind

and a bet’s a bet, I guess…

it’s not real if you can’t see it,



Fuck me if it’s just a button I’m pushing

cause it’s gonna get me home to you, baby,

and I miss my child so much,

so desperate to see my first born that

I’ll press ‘em all if I have to

…if it’ll get me home sooner.


I pressed all those red and green and blue

flowered buttons,

poppin’ them like candy on Christmas

and the world fell silent with each

one gone and I sunk into a

vacuum of serenity…

a crucible of absolute peace with my creator

as we walked across the ocean back home to

become a family

one last time.


“Nothing happened that day,” they say,

cause I don’t remember a damn thing.

And with

my honor and

my pride

I believed them…

cause a soldier breathes from that

pillar of truth that stands strong

threaded in our flag of courage.


But then I walked past that alley

and I heard a baby cry today

and it took me back

and I opened my eyes

and I remembered why I forgot




© af 2005