i hear you

by anthony

i hear you

i close my eyes and i hear you

thousands and thousands of miles

your voice is as clear as your whisper in my ear

i have two pillows

because i need to hold you

when i lay in the darkness;

night after night when i cannot stop thinking

i need to wrap my arms around you

and believe i am not a fool

it was too much

i opened the door and in you came

you claimed ground

and i surrendered

my world embraced you

and we were so close to making it

but i heard the whispers

i never told you but i always knew

feeling the dozens of eyes of your confidants

drawing you away

as i faced them all helpless

begging you to grasp my feeble vulnerability

the moment i realized

i was wanted there by no one

and like hallowed out karmic creatures

that haunt a half-hearted life

i could only watch

them overwhelm you with their pressure

wishing you knew

what it took for me to fight them off

and i lie here

haunted by the faint noise of the carnival

that pulled you away from me

drawing with it all that life stood for

and i want you to know

i hear you

in the dead of night

whispering to me

clenching the pillow

drifting away