thump thump

by anthony

thump thump
silently staring at delusion poured through crystallized sand
lapping the splash off my hand
swallowing its bite

thump thump
as it burns, sliding down to my core
slicing through my senses
filtering my doubt as a warm spring shower

thump thump
my eyes peel off the oak
abducted by your doubtful stare
turning away and back nervously scared

thump thump
i feel him forgotten, with you looking for help
begging me for a hint of hope
denying yourself the breath you desire

thump thump
liquid salt dripping down your back
fresh wool scratching milky skin
hearts murmuring exposing your flesh

thump thump
as wanting lips gently glide over you, quivering
my tongue a slave to your every curve
nipping a neck neglected by his arrogance

thump thump
these lusts collide through sacred forbidden needs
existence evaporating within mystery
shrouded in shawls of servitude

thump thump
devoured in doubt, against will, void of sense
as hearts revolt against our conformity
risk delivers us together

thump thump
all is lost within the worlds we are creating
backs unite in a great wall pulsing for vengeance
and we, delirious, have redefined our existence

thump thump
two hearts diving the depth of the ocean
whispering the mantra of the ghosts and prophets…
So it goes