sex and love

by anthony

Is sexual proclivity really so wrong when it satisfies the yearning of connecting us with each other?

We have so many distractions consuming our lives so as not to waste ourselves focusing on how lonely life really is lately.  I see it in the hundreds of eyes I pass everyday.

We must remember to believe that love for love’s sake is the unique beauty of our core; that need to feel like a light within the darkness.

If you meet someone, if you feel it, jump right in.  Do not hesitate.  Do not worry about how long it will last.  Do not expect it to last forever because not one of us knows what is to come after death.  But do not let its impermanence give you reason to tighten your grip around it.  Swim in it as you would in a cool lake on a hot day.

Love is to be experienced.  The rules for it that have been created really need to go.  I create mine as they are because I am all too aware that I might not have tomorrow.  It is my belief, rules that I live by.

I know how rich those moments are, when two people simply let go and be as is, together, just for the sake of the moment.

Shame is not a result of your actions but of your intentions.