Day 11…blah blog

by anthony

What is it that I have to say today?  I have not said much lately because, well, I have not had much to say lately.  Exciting and riveting premise to capture your attention with, no?  Well, that is precisely the beauty of hiding behind the guise of a blog.  Nothing needs to make sense.  It does not need to be artistic or poetic.  I just need to be put on the computer and you need to read it.  Mission Accomplished!  I mean, I literally can spend the rest of this blog describing the drive home from my shoot today and that would be sufficient, because, afterall, “blog” and “blah” are only two letters off from each other.

So, with that said, I will tell you that I am drinking my second cup of coffee today in my normal café, Fabio is at the table on one side of me and on the other side are three guys (producer-types of some kind) and three incredibly beautiful European women (model/actor-types).  A typical day in LA.

Now, this is where my opinion gets a little interesting (but just a little).  This is a typical LA meeting.  I have been on A LOT of them, on both sides of the coffee table.  Mostly here in LA (but, occasionally on the East Coast as well) I have been taken out and gifted by various producers over the past few years.  Trust me, I am not gloating about this because 90% of the time it was just for them to fill up my head so they would have a chance to fuck me (one of the detriments of living in WeHo).  Every time I was dined though, I always knew that it was bullshit, I made it very clear to the person I was with that I knew it was bullshit, yet, it still happened, they still spent too much money on me and we often ended where we began.  “Gotta play the game” as most people out here say.  Personally, I feel it’s no different than that immature I-need-to-feel-some-sense-of-worth-in-my-life syndrome that has created bullies and businessmen since our high school years.  But, it works for this city, so, when in Rome, right?

The real problem with these types of meetings, for me, is when I am on the other side of them.  I hate it, because I KNOW it’s bullshit.  If I have to meet with someone, I always prefer to do it in a very remote out of the way place and I always bring as little supplies as possible (not the three laptops and stacks of business plans and such that end up consuming two tables like these guys).  I operate with the condition of “this is who I am and how I work.  If you like it, come aboard.  If you have a problem with it, I don’t want to work with you anyway.”  Typically, though, for me, if I am going to interview an actor, or bring on an SM or anything else that I might need, I always try to do it word of mouth:

“Hey, (insert name) said you were awesome.  Could you do this?”

“Yea, absolutely.”

“Perfect, you’re hired” or “Excellent, email me your stuff”

DONE.  Do I really need to drag someone out to a busy café so I could talk louder than I normally ever world, laugh at jokes I generally find forced and lame all the while looking around to make sure there is no one in here better than the company I am with?  No.  I don’t need that, you don’t need that and the people around me trying to work, read or enjoy the company they are with do not need that either.  I trust those I take recommendations from, so, why waste everyone’s time?

What’s the moral of all this?  Well, there really isn’t one.  This is a blah-blog, remember?  I just wanted to point out an observation of mine.  And, now that I have, I’m going to give you another recipe to try…



This is definitely something you could play around with.  Here’s the absolute basic recipe, but, add whatever else you’d like to it.  Remember, for something to be bruschetta, it need to be bread and something on top of it.  Historically, in the 15th century, it was stale bread, toasted, drizzled with oil and rubbed with garlic.


6-8 good quality plum tomatoes, diced (slightly soft, deep red, fragrant smelling)

½ package grape or cherry tomatoes, diced

2 good quality yellow or green tomatoes, diced

½ red onion, diced

Handful fresh basil, stemmed and chopped somewhat fine + a few whole leaves of fresh basil (for garnish)

2 cloves garlic, diced

2 tbls dried oregano

Olive Oil


REALLY Good Quality Bread (French bread, Italian, etc)


Cut up the bread to 1” thick slices.  Drizzle with olive oil and either grill or crisp up in the oven.  You want the bread to be crispy, crunchy but still have a little chew on the inside.

Meanwhile, get a bowl and add all of the ingredients to taste.  When you are satisfied, spoon the mixture onto the bread, garnish with basil and serve immediately.  (*note…don’t let the mixture sit on the bread.  There is a high water content in the ingredients so the bread will get soggy.)