Day 9…la to me

by anthony

My LA experience has been that of a two-year psilocybin hallucination while hanging upside down, being repetitively submersed, head-first, into rushing, ice-cold toilet water.


THE Mac ‘n’ Cheese


1lb shell pasta (they create great little cheese cups)

¾ of a large stick of Velveeta, cubed

.5 to 1 cup of ½ & ½, warmed

1lb grilled chicken breast, boneless/skinless and diced large


Get a pot boiling and add the pasta.  Put NO salt in pot, because the Velveeta has enough salt in it already.  Cook pasta 10 minutes, or until al dente (a little under done so it has a bite).

Meanwhile, prepare the chicken.  You could use a store’s version of pre-seasoned/pre-cooked chicken breasts, but, make sure the ingredients are organic and farm-raised.  Or, just get a chicken breast, season with s&p, some Italian seasoning or curry powder and cook. Don’t go too crazy with the seasoning, though.  The pasta should be the predominant flavor of this dish, not the chicken.

When pasta’s done, run under cold water (to stop pasta from cooking), throw back in the pot under low heat, dump all the cheese in and pour in the ½ & ½ under you get the consistency you want.  When it’s all creamy and gooey, dump in the chicken, give a few good mixes and devour.

*note…This dish is quasi heart-attack inducing, so, start with a nice healthy salad.  It’ll help you not gouge too much.