Day 7…motivation

by anthony



Completely different from inspiration

inspiring feelings

rising up inside me

the drive and the power needed

yet the engine just won’t turn

the wall stays the same color

staring into the simple abyss

I’ve created for the purpose of comfort.


Completely different from inspiration

motivation is

inspiring a belief in a motion that never happens

to motivate is to move, to burn the inaction

to turn all the fractions into my fortune

rather than writing popcorn trilogies

altering a reality to reflect myself


Completely different from inspiration

to motivate is to rise up

within and without

strip the excuses of ego

strip the ego of excuse

shed my skin to the raw flesh

feel the bacteria burning through my veins

lose control

so that what is suppose to happen,


is allowed to happen

is encouraged to happen


Motivation is screaming in a quiet forum

is skipping down a sidewalk

is the pure act of doing

is saying yes whenever I hear no

is straightening my back, filling my lungs

standing up and, well…

that’s enough, isn’t it?

shouldn’t it be?






Medjool Dates, whole (whatever you can afford, pitted)

Smoked Bacon (good quality, not too thick, halve the slices)

*note…if you can, buy a slab at a meat store and have them slice it thin.  you don’t want a very thick piece as it will take away from all the other flavors.
Hard Blue Cheese (good quality, a few good “crumbles” of it)

Raw Almonds (halved, enough for one almond half per date)

Fresh rosemary (on the branch)

Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with foil, spread the almonds across the sheet and add nothing to them.  When oven is ready, roast the almonds for 15 minutes.

Get a good frying pan/cast iron skillet, set over medium-high heat and fill an inch high with olive oil.  (*note…olive oil can be expensive, so, substitute a good vegetable oil instead if you’d like.  OR, to really get the use of the oil, slice up a few ripe yellow plantains and fry them up in the oil until crispy once the dates are done.).

If the dates are not pitted, make a slice in the side, pull the pit out, but leave the date whole.  Stuff the date with an almond half and a small crumble of blue cheese.

Take a half of a slice of bacon and wrap the date in it.  Bacon should not wrap around itself more than once.  Just cut off excess bacon, but save to fry up in a salad or something.  To get bacon to hold, skewer the date/bacon with a small twig of rosemary.

Once they all are prepared, drop into the hot oil for a couple of minutes on each side, until the bacon is crispy.  Don’t over cook the dates, and make sure the bacon is chewy, not burnt.

Serve immediately either as is or drizzled with a pinch of fresh, raw honey or agave syrup