Day 3…Truths

by anthony

Truths about food:

1) People who cook generally are much more earth-conscious

2) Everyone in this world can agree on liking food and eating it

3) People are always more attracted to people who can cook


Tonight’s recipe comes as a request/inspiration from a certain someone:


Italian Sausage & Peppers

1lb each of sweet and spicy Italian sausage (with casings)

4-5 lbs of onions (get a variety or just one…Sweet Vidalia, Spanish, Red, etc…Play around)

2 lbs of Peppers (Again, variety of color, just make sure, no matter what, no more than half of them are green)

Stick of butter

Olive Oil

S&P (Salt & Pepper)

Good quality 4”-6” Italian bread.  (*note…if you can’t get really good Italian bread, then go with potato rolls; Don’t take a chance on crappy stuff, seriously)

First off, get a large pot, fill with water and bring to a boil.  It’s important to boil the sausages till they are ¾ done or else you’ll kill your pan.  Sausages take a very long time to fry up (I can only imagine it’s because of the cartilage and stuff in them if not because of the casing).  When you boil them first, you get them almost done so you can just sear and crisp up the outsides while preserving all the juices inside and that gives the sandwiches the real flavor.

Once that’s going, slice up all of the onions and mix them thoroughly in a large bowl with a glug or two of olive oil (you don’t need a lot), incorporating them all with each other.  Get some butter melting over medium heat in a large cast iron skillet or frying pan and throw all the onions in.  These will take about 15 minutes to cook (at least).

Slice up the peppers, remembering to take the cores and veins out.  (*note…Cut pepper in half, length-wise.  Rip the half of core out from the top and, with your hands, just peel out any white veins inside.  Rinse out cavity for any seeds.) When the onions are ½ way there (same rules as the last meal), throw the peppers in.  Once the peppers begin getting soft, toss some salt and pepper in there and let cook until they are very, very soft and a little charred as well.  (*note…You might need to throw another little dab of butter in there now and then, so as not to burn the pan.  And, use butter, not oil.  Gives the peppers and onions a little more creaminess).

When they are done, hopefully the sausages will be done from their boil.  Put the pepper and onion mixture in a bowl and throw it in the oven (to keep the temperature in an enclosed space) and throw the sausages in the hot pan (check the pan to see if it needs any oil…yes, now, we switch back to oil).

Once they are charred up nice and juicy, take the peppers and onions out of the oven.  Split the Italian bread (or roll), throw a sausage on there and smother it with the onions and peppers.