Day 1…Just Eggs

by anthony

This morning I woke up, made coffee ( ½ & ½ with one teaspoon of natural sugar), poured some carrot juice out and then made some eggs.  “Just eggs…I have nothing else.  Just eggs,” I said to my partner.  “That’s fine,” was the response (it was a passionate engagement).

Fast forward a few hours and I am sitting at Caffe Primo on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and have decided to make a commitment.  A few of you have read the various musings of mine and you have been inspiring me to create more for you.  And, although the number of you is small, the power you have is tremendous.

For myself, however, I had run into an impasse of sorts.  My life had become the chaos of misconception and tepid dreams and I found myself tolerating rather than commanding.  The jobs I was working, a lot of the people in and out of my life, the lonely stress of the holiday season; I had forgotten what it is I am here for.

When I was in my late teens and my early twenties, there was one philosophy I lived by…Life is my perception.  So, fast forward to me and my latte here (and the annoying Brazilian who decided that right next to me was the perfect seat in this empty place to call in his rather large muffin order) and I realize (realized this morning) that I could either eat eggs or I could make a meal out of it.  Perception.  Then I thought, Perhaps this could be what I’ve wanted to write.

So, I’m diving into the deep realm of the cliché and putting together this life blog/food blog/philosophy blog/whatever-you-want-to-make-of-it blog.  My goal is that the food will inspire the writing, and reversely so.

This is what I’ll guarantee you if you come along to follow me.  You’ll always get a recipe, and you’ll always learn something about me.  Other than that, well, I think that’s enough.

Now that you know something new about me, here we go…Just Eggs:

4 Large Brown Eggs

½ & ½

6 medium baby portos (sliced with removed stems)

½ yellow onion (sliced)

2 tbls salted butter

Crushed red pepper

Fresh fig jam

Curry Powder

Sea salt

Whisk eggs, ½ & ½, pinch of salt in a bowl and let sit.  Occasionally give it a quick whip here and there.  You want it to be blended as smoothly as possible.  (*note…when you whisk and handle food in generally, HANDLE IT.  Grab it, beat it, get your body into it.  You have to connect to the food for it to be good)

In a pan, medium heat, melt one tablespoon of butter and add the onions.  Sprinkle a good teaspoon of curry powder on the onions (*note…make a tight cup with your hand.  The inside cup is approximately a teaspoon and the bigger cup is approximately a tablespoon.) Keep mixing that occasionally until the onions are half cooked (they’ll begin to get clear.)  When they start getting floppy and browned, move on to the next step.

The next step:  Add the mushrooms, one tablespoon butter and flip pan a few times, mixing everything evenly.  Let that cook a couple of minutes. (*note…generally, with me, I don’t really cook with times.  I’m always watching my food and have developed a feel for when things are done.  It helps me stay more connected to the food). After a couple of minutes, drop in a good teaspoon of the fig jam, a teaspoon of crushed red pepper and a sprinkle of salt.  Keep flipping and mixing until everything is nice and crispy brown, but not well done and burnt.

When it’s all set, spread the ingredients evenly around the pan, give the eggs one more good whippin’ and evenly pour them onto the onion/mushroom mix (*note…I always pour scrambled eggs in two circles, first coating the outer ring of the pan and then the inner ring.)

That’s it.  Let it cook for a while, untouched (except for maybe scraping down the edges) till the bottom begins to brown a bit, then either flip the entire thing as one giant pancake or break it up and flip it in parts (quarters or thirds).  When the eggs are just a hair underdone, shut off the heat and get your plates.  In the time it takes you to get a plate and set the table quickly, the remaining heat in the pan will finish the eggs.