I Feel It

by anthony

I feel it

I’ve know for too long

whenever I taste it

I am always looking out screened-in windows

detached from the world

when I look out

I place myself hovering like a hummingbird

a floating fleck of dust

among the clouds

and the buildings

and the freedoms

so as to stare at that little square

covered with dirty bars

wishing I could pull myself out.

I shut the door.

When a person is trapped

void of

real belief

in lasting escape

what helps



is to be swallowed


from within.

I close the door

take in deeper breathes

press my face against the filth

crisply aware of the darkness

devouring my peripheral

I claw deeper



I feel it

when a person is trapped

I close the door to feel better

it is how I get my fix

it allows me to move forward


in a different path than you can imagine.