Feed Me Your Art…

by anthony

Anyone here like to have fun but don’t have enough?


Anyone here love to love but won’t let go?


Anyone reading this know they can write better than this but won’t?

Why Not???

Anyone here want to let their vibe loose and shoot a mainline of art?

Well…Why Not???

Listen here, people.  It’s not going to wait.  It’s not going to just happen.  It’s not going to be waiting at the coffee shop for you because even the blue plate turns green eventually.

The world owes you nothing, so give it all you got.  Living the correct life will get you no closer to living the good life.

Every one I know has an instrument yet only a few ever pick it up.

Blast the music to a deafening roar, or smoke your weed till your fingers explode or bathe in Jack till you have summoned the demon of Janis, or cover yourself in molten dark chocolate…whatever your lust.

Because, like I said, this world owes you nothing and will give you nothing undesired.

I can only guarantee you two things…

First, most everyone will disagree, turn against, shun you.

Second, you won’t give one shit.

Today means nothing a year from now so the only question I guess really worth asking is…Why Not?!?!

Share with me.  Share with everyone else.  No one cares if it’s good or not.  Just as long as it’s created.