The Day After

by anthony

I don’t really think what occurred with the election yesterday is such a bad thing.  I do stick to my stance that the people of this country have intentionally taken to rid themselves of most of their logic and intelligence, but, maybe I’ll get to that later.

What occurred last night was an awakening.  Was a realization of the voice we all have. To be clear right off the bat, although I want everyone to read this, I understand that those on the other side of the fence will not be able to.  I do not state that with condescension.  It is just an obvious truth, the responsibility of open-mindedness, and that, in itself, is the whole point that I would like to make with this essay.

We have made our lives so complicated and “everything has been amplified lately with people screaming so loud we cannot hear what they’re saying or exactly what the message is”.  The American public has found a sport that they can all take a vested interest in.  The campaigns are the regular season games, the trades, the deals, the injuries and the records.  And every two to four years, as is the case with the World Cup and Olympics, we get the championship game.  We all acknowledge soccer and track and swimming but, outside of the big event, do we really give a shit?  So, when it comes around, we read a stat or two, look for the person that we think most represents us and we grow hatred towards everyone else “for the sake of the game’s competitiveness.”

Do we really know Michael Phelps?  Not really.  But we place our nation’s support, love and adoration to him because he’s going to win all these gold coins that make us proud.  Then, he makes a mistake.  He gets caught smoking some weed.  And even that, to most of us, is insignificant.  It’s what most people do, they just don’t care to admit it.

So, what do we do?  Being that we have gotten from him what we want and don’t need him for another 4 years, we create him to be a monster because he smokes weed.  Once we build him up, we need an excuse to destroy him enough to level him with ourselves.  If we didn’t, then we need to take the responsibility to create, within ourselves, the goals we’ve been dreaming about as well.  But, we have evolved.  And, as humans, we insist our evolution must equate easiness.

We get the man who delivers us everything we ever dreamed of, and we fight for him, and we follow him and we sacrifice for him.  And, the impossible was made possible.  We elected a liberal.  We elected an upper class man with a middle class mentality.  We elected a black man.  We elected someone with a reputation of doing the virtuous thing.  We elected someone who had the nerve to tell us that “I don’t believe that government can or should try to solve all our problems. I know you don’t either. What has been lost is the idea that in this American story, each of us has a role to play. Each of us has a responsibility to work hard and look after ourselves and our families, and each of us has a responsibility to our fellow citizens. That’s what’s been lost…our sense of common purpose”  He told us that we needed to be responsible for the problems of this country, not government.  He told us before he was elected that the system was corrupt and that there would be only so much that he could do.  That WE were the ones that needed to change, not the system.

And we cheered and we followed and we believed.  And we did it.  We elected him, cleanly, legally, straight-up vote the citizens came out like they never had before, bought the team merchandise and their tickets and we won.  He did his part.  He got us up and out and active.  He got himself in there so that we could finally have a say in our system and re-adjust the country how we wanted it, how the people wanted it, how it should be run.

But then someone “caught him smoking pot.”  The work started, instantly, piling on us as to what WE were supposed to do next and, frankly, we were tired from all the cheering we did.  We were exhausted because we have never before exercised our rights as citizens as the conservatives do constantly.  We were sprinters going against the marathon runner and our stamina sucked.  So, rather than digging deep and pushing, fighting against the pain and exhaustion, we began to resent.  Resent the responsibility.  Resent the audacity.  And resent ourselves.  We now were constantly reminded as to why we are in the state we are in and we began to resent the fact that our own egos were the villains in this game.  Circumstances may be altered from the outside, but real change comes from within.

We also forgot one other little, simple detail.  We have forgotten the pace at which politics resonate within a system.  Law and governing do not have immediate effects.  As much as we would like it to work that way, it simply doesn’t.  So, two to three years later, once we finally have our hope in office, the virus begins to take hold on the body, and it all starts falling apart faster and faster.  So, with this ripening along with our self-pity, on pure instinct, we set aside our logic and begin drowning in our own quicksand…