the zoo

by anthony

This is something I wish I would post, but, I fear I never will.  In most ways, it’s because I feel that I am enough of an outsider in this cursed city, so why give these people justification for the blanketed ignorance and ego that plague them.  But, then again, in my discoveries, those here have no regard for truth and character, so, would it even matter?

When an animal is trapped in a zoo for long enough, they become territorialized, comfortable.  There comes a moment when the animal realizes and accepts that this is their home, this is where he’s going to always stay because, after searching and scheming, there just is no way out.  So, they accept it and, when a new animal is introduced, they look up to those who have already survived, and therefore become drawn into the lie that they, too, are stuck.

Lately, I have been making “enemies” with the people here in discussing the differences between New York and Los Angeles and, well, redundancy has become the only outcome.  It’s as simple as this:

This machine is a monster that has been in place for a long time.  If you come here, you must accept it.  The lure is so great that people gladly sacrifice their own life for the dream of The Angels, not the reality of it.  They are no different than soldiers, just playing in a different game.  There are very few who come with the intention to actually stay true to the individual they might be or are becoming.  And, it is through this ignorance that we begin losing our minds, and losing our will.

Animals in a zoo.  We, the gawking public, do not realize that not all of them make it.  We fight too hard to believe this concreted world is truth to realize that some are put down, and some are displaced to other zoos or back into the wild.  It is those who cannot be tamed which are the pride of the species.  I don’t have any less regard for the rest who are forced to be left behind, they are victims of something stronger than themselves.  I do not, however, have the same respect.  To conform is to consciously destroy the self.  And it is here, in this zoo, where the subliminal consciousness of the spirit painfully halts, and sorrowfully blames.

I see the walls.  I feel the thin air scraping my lungs.  I understand, now, why I came here.  I know the truth, and I will have no regrets about leaving the rest to feed off each other.  Because our fascination is insatiable, so the zoos will never close.