by anthony

I have no more words for you

only looks and emotions

my mouth does my intentions no justice

my thoughts too consumed with being right.

So, I take you in

through my pores and my breath

glance at all your energy at any moment

having never thought once of lust,

only some bizarre urging desire to be close.

Why am I not allowed to go to sleep wishing you were near

without feeling the pressure that it must be more?

That’s why I always stand in the back

glancing and tasting the same air as you

because society, today, condemns the romantic,

the keeper of love,

the artist of emotional intrigue.

So, I hide, behind peeks and cravings

for the energy that propels me to keep clawing through life,

nudging me with just a thought of that smile

even though I tremble in fear

whenever I feel as little as a whisper of the wind

of you being near.