Healthcare Essay

by anthony

I haven’t written anything about the health care bill for a reason.  And when I realized what it was, I began thinking about my life in general.  It’s the same feeling whenever I’ve reached a goal.  Whenever I’ve fought hard for something and actually achieved it.


There is always a moment, a few moments, days, varies, of complete disinterest.  And, it has a lot to do with who I am.  I have two speeds, 120mph or the 405 at rush hour.  So, I am able to gage and ration my energy for what it’s needed for and I know, at the end, I will be completely empty, disinterested within deep exhaustion.

So, once that weekend came, I was in Seattle, which, for me, was out of reality and back into my own life.  I was very content that it got passed, knew there was a fecesload of work that those who we elected to represent us within the republic we have created had to do on it and I went back to life as normal.

We often forget that.  I never deny that I am a victim of the Sportscenterization of the media and politics, but I am willing to admit my hypocrisy and still fight to try to overcome it.  We are, above all, a Republic.  But, we are not a direct democracy.  We have been created, and always have been, as James Madison put it, a “representative democracy”.  We gather and entrust the people who were elected, by the majority of the citizens, to carry out the tasks we elected them for.

In the last election, I was told an end to the Iraq war was coming, and that the focus of all our military will be in Afghanistan.  That is what is happening, yet the liberals are furious.

In the last election, Obama said he would pass gay rights legislation, and they have progressively been doing that, and the gay/gay-adjacent community is furious.

In the last election, I was told that health care would be the most important major piece of legislation to be passed first.  It was, and the conservatives are furious.

The plan that Obama originally wanted was spelled out, but I am a citizen with common sense.  I know that what I want from you is not going to be had unless I compromise some of what I want for some of what you want.  We regularly look at the doings in Washington as an unexpected surprise so as to justify within ourselves the lack of effort we are truly bringing forward to individually keep this country great.  We look at their bickering with shock, but we bicker daily.  Their conniving negotiations, their pettiness, all of it, it’s how business is run in this country.  Anyone who’s ever tried to climb to the next level in their life knows that.

I am happy with what’s passed.  Don’t think it’s perfect, in fact, it has too many flaws for my liking, but, this wasn’t about getting a health care bill passed, it was about destroying the old way we approached health care in this country.

Throughout the process of passing it, the anger over the cost also tended to tweak me.  The Congressional Budget Office acknowledged the income, as well as cost, as being accurate.  I have not been able to find any research showing that the new system, over 10 years, would increase the deficit any more than the old system.  I will happily concede if I can be shown viable evidence, as I am very curious.

What are we really fighting about?  The future?  Do we really care? We’re destroying the Earth, but worried that we won’t have the money to pay for a maid.  The elderly?  The Tea Partiers, who led the most vocal voices of opposition, had two of their national leaders on Larry King the other day.  And both agreed, very civilly, that the government should do away with Social Security and Medicare.  “When I’m old, I want that $15,000 to do what I want with it.”  Ourselves?  For years and years, the biggest consumer complaint I have heard from people was pointed towards their health insurance company.  Yet, we still became the abused housewife who justifies why the beatings are deserved.

Health care reform was a fight for each of us.  It was people who created the system, who don’t completely understand the system, making the best decisions possible from the experiences that they have lived through.   Very similar to parenting.  If a person is sick, if a person is dying, if a person has a chance of surviving, I don’t give a damn if that person is an American citizen, a tourist or an illegal.  That is a person.  There is a time to make money.  Using profit as an excuse to keep the poor sick and squeeze out the trash is and always has been the beginning of the end.  Helping those who cannot help themselves was the very reason this country was founded.

My purpose as a citizen is over with this topic for now, so, I drift away for a bit, disinterested.  I supported and helped it get passed, along with tens of millions of others, and, now I need to trust the people who I voted for and helped get put into office.  That’s Capitalism, folks.  That’s the system that was created and that’s how it works.  It sucks and it’s infuriating watching people you don’t support passing laws you feel very strongly against.  I get it, trust me.  But, that’s why we work.  The patience to see a new way, a new plan through, in an impatient world.  No one knows what really is right and what really is wrong.  We are not afforded the luxury of trying both paths in the road in this singular life.  So, we just gotta give it a shot.  As much as those who passionately disagreed with the conservative policy of governing, there was no choice but to wait for their chance.  Now, it’s time to try it another way.