a couple of poems

by anthony


The angels of solitude

encouraging dreams on desert sand

barren electricity fabricated from hope

the west coast paradise of magic

conjuring new lives from sheer want

breath combined with space

to be a solitary Buddha of creation.

The freedom of solitude

achieving the bliss of ignoring judgment

eating chocolate topped candy canes

inhaling the bloom of walking in space

carrying all essence to

The acceptance of solitude

responsible for one alone

through the submission to the mantra

What is is not all there is.

breathing again to wriggle some room from its weight

continuing on trying to make any sense of it all…


just people

We are all just people

Trying to understand why we’re here

Making the best decisions we can

Even if they become the worst.

It is a living theme park

We just bounce from ride to ride

Alive and never sure what it real

We begin to enjoy the fact that

We begin to believe nothing is really real

Never wanting to know how the ride works

How it keeps moving after all these years

What’s important is that is does.

It becomes all too much after a while

So we drop a few more coins in the meter

Make the best of it.

We are all just people with the right

To be just that.