5 April 10; Relations…

by anthony

I find it very telling that when it comes to relationships between the sexes (in my case, men and women), that the latter spend most of their energy creating these outrageous stories about what I, the man, want and don’t want.  More is presumed about me by women than I could ever possibly live up to (or down to, in a lot of their cases).  And, in reality, all it takes is for them to get over themselves for two and a half minutes to actually listen to me when I repeatedly (and, at times, annoyingly) inform them.

We are living in a world where we all want to be right.  We’re not feeling especially needed these days.  Nothing really seems significant.  In a technological world, it is so easy to deduce someone to a small widget on a computer screen that we often forget that there is a complexity of human emotion in here.  In other words (cue outburst), shut the hell up and stop presuming because I fit a male stereotype that allows you to excuse yourself for, god-forbid, not raising the bar of your intellectual tolerance and emotional challenges.

I judge, I scream (though, I make sure no one hears it), I cry (though you’ve never probably seen me), I love more to the point of self-destruction (though, I won’t exactly say how much I care) and I think through everything I do.

I think it’s time that we, as people interested in relationships between the sexes, need to stop believing that the people we meet are the digital profile avatared from cyber-space.  We need to take a little less time knowing who people are and make more effort to understand why people are.   You don’t need me to tell you everything.  I trust your intelligence.

We all really do love each other.  Let’s start showing it.