21 Jan 10…Thank You

by anthony

Forget Los Angeles, I don’t think I’ve seen weather this consistently bad in my life even in NY (maybe except for Gloria, but, that only lasted a day or two). As my friend just eloquently put it to me, “Your night is going to suck. No offense.”

Well, I did what anyone crazy person would do when the mind’s about to pop from being stripped of all vices (internet, TV, walks, opening my door). I loaded up on the libations, flipped my bed backwards and began typing to all of you. I have a great mix on (currently You’re My Best Friend) but I keep getting this waft of mold, of that not so ripe smell after working in the rain all day.

It might be my boots but I have a feeling that it is something on me.

So, here I am, sitting at my computer, writing to you, in Los Angeles, 3000 from any semblance of home or normality. I have no place to go to that I’d usually fall back on. I don’t have an old friend to grab a drink with. I don’t have an existence yet. As a great friend once said, “It’s the price I pay for this life I choose.”

Next week, when the rain stops, when I can walk on the beach, when the flowers open and we all come out to play, I will be appreciative of this moment right now.

This whole time that I’ve been writing, I’ve kept thinking about what I should make this about. And now I know…

I want to write this for you to read. To share my gratitude for having the ability to craft my life the way I have wanted to and for the opportunity to have people to write for.

That’s it, I am grateful.

However, with that said, the strong mold funk has come back as I now say goodnight while the Fresh Prince’s Summertime sends me off. I hope you enjoyed this writing.

Love & Light