Go Take A Stroll

by anthony

Regardless of age, every person, at some point (maybe at a few points), has had a time in their life where they stood on the edge of the abyss and decided to close their eyes and jump.  For some, it’s committing to that relationship that person has eluded for too long, for others it might be coming to terms with the clutches of a family’s expectation.

One of the most exciting transitions, however, is that of youth packing their childhood into the attic and heading west.  It’s one of the most romantic notions of being an American, one of those phrases that conjure images of endless highways, snow covered mountains, and, eventually, the gold laced fortune beaming from the icy Pacific Ocean.  “Go West.”

People dream.  It’s a law that is completely universal throughout every culture, race, religion and existence.  All people dream, and all people dream for something better, richer, unknown.  Whether people believe what they dream about or not, that’s a personal choice within a personal journey.  What makes people what we are is that we never stop dreaming.

So, sometimes, the room deserves a long glance, the dust covered clothes need to be donated, the knickknacks and useless appliances get placed in their cardboard boxes and life deserves a press of the RESET button.  What’s necessary gets put in the car, the music goes on and the windows go down.

Sometimes, it’s ok to keep that lost dream alive, keep the ghosts churning and just “Go West”.  That’s the story this man would like to tell of, that story he began etching across the first page of that new notebook.  The story that started – I’m not running from my old life, just taking a stroll towards my new one.