That bug we need…

“A no forever man” I might be
but a having someone here man I am…

I have been thinking hard about the notion of romance lately. Especially today, driving home from Escondido, staring at them angelic mountains, in my Lexus, sporting my suit coming back from one gig and knowing that I just got the job that can completely change my life.

Romance is very outdated now. Well, no, I retract.  It’s not that at all. The sense of romance simply does not exist. No Absolutes. Is very difficult to find.

Now, to detract for a moment, one of the things I have been thinking about lately is my ideal of the romantic comedy. I love it. It’s difficult for me to admit to myself but I love it and I want it. So, to do so, all I have to do is submerse myself in it. But I don’t. I look at it, I see it in my dreams, I see it on the stage, everywhere. My dreams of what I thought life was going to be like. And what’s difficult for me in the process is that I know how foolish it is to keep regrets or dreams of another life and how “unrealistic” it is that I will never find that myself. Or, manifesting it and hating the process of it. I want the destination, not the journey.

So, it’s made me re-evaluate lately, for a while actually, what is my belief of the evolution of the notion of romance in my life and does it have anything to do with our societal world? And, if it’s so easy to say yes, then why?

I could only think of one thing. For me, it’s partly both.

If I were to meet a girl, like one I’ve met recently, 40 years ago, 50 years ago, and I courted her as forwardly as I do, the only way I know, I would never have to second guess the intention of the purity with which my heart is motivated.  But, in today’s society, it seems that there would a distinct feeling amongst a lot of women that this courting is a negative thing.
But think of all the great romantics. The books, movies, fairytale moments by lovers of decades.

Or take the single greatest love moment in all of movies:

A young man standing in a doorway, for weeks with no break, through the cold and the rain, through storms and heatwaves, simply waiting for his love to open the shudders and give him once glance. And she never does.

That torment, that dedication to the art of romance that all too many people see as cliché today. When will people accept that back into this society and learn to live as romantically as our dreams beg us to?
I will probably never change. I have discovered what I am comfortable sharing. And there are people who want my type just as there are for the nerd, the rock star and the married man.

We owe it to ourselves to experience love as much as we can, however and wherever we can.

The world doesn’t need a specific genre of love.

The world just needs love.