where we are today

by anthony

Well, it’s been four days since my last writing.  I have been trying to get on the habit of having something new every two days.  A discipline more for myself than for the reader.  After all, the blog, to me, is meant as reading for whenever you need a different perspective, or assurance of your own.

The other morning, I was on my way to work, and I began thinking inward.  I have been reading two books at the moment, both with such different and identical views of the same topic.  It’s rather fascinating.  There’s the old saying, “The student doesn’t find the teacher, the teacher finds the student.”  Well, interesting how I don’t read very much and now I am tackling two rather heavy ones.

I digress (I notice that people say that a lot in blogs, but only in blogs).

The one thing I’ve been passionate about lately is the want for success.  To not have to worry about money, own a business, be independent, travel, etc.  But, then I also started thinking of the recession, and how and why we are involved in this right now.

One of the recurring themes in both books is that, for every negative thought, there is an original pure, positive thought that has evolved to the negativity we experience now.  For everything we perceive negative, in order to change them, we must find what the perfection of that thought was and begin to adjust our lives and thinking to remember and recapture what it is meant to be.

Well, what of the current state of our country, then?

We, as a nation, as a people, and anything the word American represents, we have lost all sight and grasp of our roots, no sense of where we came from, evolved from, swirled with a technologically induced draw to laziness and excuses.

I am a purebred Italian, 3rd generation.  In my reality, that generation’s direct influence in my life is completely gone.  They have all passed years ago, when I was a little kid.  I only remember a little of it.  But, one thing that I find absolutely amazing about that period of life, the turn of the 2oth century, is that no one wanted to work for anyone, same as today.  The blaring difference, however, is back then, that attitude exploded from a necessary desire to be the one in charge, to be the owner and entrepreneur.
If we all took this stance, if we all took the risk and just sucked it up, ignored the government (or overly invest in it) and just created businesses and jobs, we’d be fine in no time.  We are just too lazy to take the steps that we are required to do.  This nation was never created to give anything to any of its citizens.  It was created to have a collective conscience towards one cause…each other.

I proposed this following solution to a friend last week.  He’s the night manager of a Target on Long Island and we talked about the lack of jobs in our country.  I mean no disrespect by this next statement, but, he is a defeatist, and although his dreams are beautiful and grand, he is, in my opinion, severely defeated right now.  I said this:

This is how you quickly pull our economy out of this mess.  A store like Target decides, either on their good-willed own or by the demand of the people, that they sell American-made items ONLY.  Sure, in reality now, that would cost too much money and they would not be able to sell things for the price they are accustomed to selling them at.  So, what they do is invest in American business.  Factories open here as they do in China, and they make all the American Made Only goods.  Target can still sell on the cheap, the public service as well as financial contribution is huge and now you just employed tens of thousands of Americans.  People are working, so, they do two things.  First, they start spending.  That money going into stores like Target now goes to American companies that are now making money.  So, healthcare for employees and benefits and such.  People start digging this new lifestyle and so now, second, they begin demanding other stores, let’s say Wal-Mart, for instance, to sell American Made Only goods.  Guess what, more factories, more business, etc.  Now other countries see all these inexpensive goods and they start buying from us.

And, I know it is 100% fool proof because that is exactly how China took control of the world financial market.  The difference between China and us at the moment is, like the difference from us 100 years ago, is we are lazy.

So, with pondering that for a good portion of the morning, I officially began getting very excited for my move to Los Angeles.  The pure thought I am working on is living in the absolute moment and making decisions that I know, if only in my deepest root, are the most beneficial for myself.  If a person embraces their own pure thought, that person can’t help but serve positively to the world.  One path to help me get to that thought is writing to focus on the exact moment I’m in.  I am very grateful to have begun documenting this trip and this period in my life and I am also grateful for the people reading it, giving it life.  Writing is meant to be read; otherwise, it’s just frozen food.

“You use life to create your Self as Who You Are, and who you’ve always wanted to Be.”