Let’s Make It Happen…

by anthony

Blog world, good evening.

My name is Anthony Frisina.  As cliche as it might sound, I am not here to start a blog.  I am looking for a platform to post, share and create.  This is not a daily account of my life, and there is not necessarily going to be a theme to it. My goal is to create a writing style close to a shake up of Sedaris, Kerouac, Vonnegut and Frisina.

There’ll be poems, angry rants, romantic indulges, philosophical ponderings, anxious yearnings, maybe some dialogue/scenes and hopefully, as raw and difficult, some real truths about myself and the lens I see things through.  I really feel most writers, most people can only break free from so many masks.  I’m trying to exploit them all.  I’m hoping to be able to put them all out there.  Not for shock.  Not for reward.  Not for appraisal.  I say exploit them because sometimes, you need to open the veins in order to truly study the facades we equally hide behind and flaunt.

I hope you read it, I hope it inspires you, I hope you will share with me your thoughts.

To Thine Own Self Be True…