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quarantine diary (2 of 3)

Oftentimes, most people I talk with will always debate that scientific fact trumps all opinion and feeling in a debate.  But that is usually only until scientific fact is used to make that same point against their opinions and feelings. At that point, the conversation then focuses more on the messenger rather than the message; The interaction becomes more about compassion, civility and tonality rather than the facts laid bare.  

It is quite frustrating talking with people these days.  

Denial.  There is so much denial.  When did critical thinking become wrong, bad? When did we stop questioning authority and become too sensitive to question each other, challenge each other? When did we stop believing our own common sense and start trusting politicians and the media?  Everyone disapproves of what “the opposition” is doing, but everyone also seems to believe that means we must equally approve of and support anyone and anything opposing it.  Most people do not even know who the individuals are they are supporting or what they are supporting and why.  Most people do not take into account the entire circumference of what they support, the consequences, the law of cause-and-effect. We just simply support the party or the state or the sentiment.   Read the rest of this entry »

quarantine diary (1 of 3)

It is the rhetoric that scares me.  Human rhetoric.  Already the most dangerous and feared living organism on this planet, we have made ourselves worse by our mostly blind obedient rhetoric.  And every time something like this happens, I still manage to find myself surprised that we are turning a blind eye again. One thing I have learned and also teach is that, to begin to change the problems of our society, we need to stop being surprised by the expected. But, even still, I am surprised by the world´s response.  Still, it makes me internally exhausted hearing the phrases, “We have to do whatever we can,” and “we must do what they tell us.” 

I am of the 9/11 generation.  When I was 23 years old, I was there in NYC during the attack.  I was not “woke” or aware, really, by that point in my life.  I was cynical, I was suspicious and I was starting to get angry by the time the planes hit, but I was pretty clueless as well.  Read the rest of this entry »

Please lose your mind…

The solution to 
All of our problems
All of our anxieties
Will magically disappeared
The moment we truly
Throughout every cell inside of us
And always have been.  

We are determined to believe 
Wisdom comes with age
Wisdom comes with parenthood
Wisdom come with education
that we accept any form of these as being on the right path

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i say; you say

Do we really care?

The privileged stay home, silently

while those who have always suffered

    do even more so now

We lock the poor and sick in pig pens

    and congratulate each other for the hard, necessary work

    “We all must do our part.  We all must do what is essential”

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“What Can We Do?”

A few days ago I posted this:

“imagine if we cared this much about our planet being destroyed, about the tens of millions who are starving to death, about the thousands of bombs still being dropped daily and about all of the laws being sneaked through our governments now because no one is watching…all we are doing now with this virus is proving once and for all that we are all perfectly capable of changing the world and that we are just choosing not to 😦 “

In response to that, I have heard from many people, “What else can we do besides quarantine?  Those other problems in the world you bring up are not things we can do anything about, especially here, and isolated. Staying in quarantine is what is within our power to do.”

I thought about this a lot, and although I have completely changed a lot in MY life, I have a great friend/brother in NY who keeps reminding me to not be a hypocrite. I am always pressuring him to change his community, but I live nowhere, so I have no roots to lay down.  But, when I keep having people ask me, “Well, what else can we do?”, I realize now that my roots are everywhere.  I am always calling for solidarity, but, now I realize with this thing going on that solidarity really CAN be achieved worldwide.  I always believed ideally it could, but never had the hope that anything would really bring a large majority of the world together (and I am still extremely skeptical that humanity really will take action like this, continually, permanently from now on, for the things that really matter.).  But, Brian, and everyone, here is to hope!

(If you need references or contacts for anything below, just write me a private message)

What can we do? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Did You Bring Me Into This World?

“‘Dad.  Why did you bring me into this world?’

One day, I will be asked this question.  And, I will not know how to answer it. I simply do not have an answer for it.  He will ask me one day, probably sooner than I would like, ‘Dad, you knew the world was falling apart.  You knew the destruction was too much to fix. You knew there was no hope anymore, that every generation here on in are condemned.  You knew. Why did you bring me here?’

I know he is capable of changing it, but he knows that this is not his burden to bear.  When he asks, he will know I forced it upon him by bringing him into existence. I helped, collectively, to create this pain, destruction and disaster then selfishly brought him to life to saddle him with this impossible fate.  

How do I tell my son that I was selfish?

How do I tell him that my want to experience fatherhood was greater than the responsibility I should have had.  He will ask me this because he knows I am intelligent. Because he knows that I am a leader among my community, and that I am someone he and my little town look to for truth, for direction.  He will ask me this because he trusts me, even though nothing in that question elicits such; He trusts me even though I suspect he understands that, just by merely bringing him to life, just by conceiving him, I have severed the bond of security he could have ever had for me.  With me. Read the rest of this entry »

we reap what we sow

The lady who runs the cafe down the street asked me during one of our conversations about alternative ways of living and my preference for voyeurism when it comes to this particular collapse of western society, “…but don’t you ever feel guilty for not doing anything?”  I appreciate her because she is honest, and curious.

“I do not because what is happening cannot be stopped.  I look at the world historically, not presently.  This collapse needs to happen because it is what the people have chosen.  Remember, not all choices are conscious.  Most choice we make daily are simply habit.  And, because it is what we all have chosen, have sown, whether we want it or not, it is what we will reap, it is what we need.”

To me, the gun debate we are having is a trite exercise of our limited will to demand change.

To me, the presidential nominating process could not have chosen two more picture perfect candidates for which to portray in total exactitude the modern day teams of the “left” and the “right”.

To me, the terrorism argument is utterly and abhorrently riddled with hypocrisy among our obsessions with what it means to be at war and peace.

To me, anytime anyone says, “How did this happen?” or, even worse, “I cannot believe that this happened!”, it furthers the notion of our willful ignorance by believing that all things in this world are a result of random factors rather than a blatantly predictable circumstance due to every single decision we have ever made, whether singularly or collectively. Read the rest of this entry »

Who We Americans Really Are…


I am not one who thinks favorably of voting in the traditional sense on a national scale.  For many years, I have felt that it is a waste of energy, excitement and effort in this particular country given the structure regarding voting.  In my country, our vote does not count, never really has and most likely never really will.  We are not a direct democracy.  I can argue the semantics of that statement with anyone (and I know that I am right) but, there is no point to do so.  The reason I say there is no point is the very same reason I am writing this at this moment.  The reason is because we the people are helpless and will hold onto any belief that makes us feel that we matter, so we refuse to accept otherwise.

I was discussing this with a friend, expressing my disappointment in the rise of Hillary Clinton, and in the sad ignorance of the liberal minded, the cowardice of the libertarian and the inaction of the anarchist.  “This is a political revolution,” is what I have been hearing from people who are in support of Bernie Sanders, but, all this “revolution” really has become is a match that sparks but never lights.  It’s a tale as old as time.

Then a good friend says to me, “The closest thing to a real revolution right now is Trump.”  Because of my disdain for Donald Trump,  I initially disagreed with that statement, but the next comment he said changed my mind.  “He is almost the perfect representation of the American society: Greedy, disconnected, self-interested and shallow.”

The revolution we may want (we being the fiscally-conservative-socially-liberal) is not the revolution we have because the revolution we want takes work, investment and above all, personal sacrifice. Read the rest of this entry »

a different perspective

Today, three lives ended, dozens more were maimed and thousands were changed.  I read the news and everyone proclaims such shock at unspeakable horrors; Click onto and endless statuses are speechless, except for the thought of “how could this happen” or “why would someone do this”.  I sat on the train as the news broke and all I heard was cliché after cliché, catchlines of disbelief, astonishments of vain suffering

It is so difficult to be an honest voice in a moment of tragedy.   Because, when I hear about a Boston marathon, a Newtown senselessness, a September eleventh catastrophe, I don’t wallow in the pity of the subtle suffering of American tragedies, I immediately force myself to think in realms of global perspective.  Because I think that it is sweet that when a few of our own die, the viral nation comes together in mock solidarity against unspeakable atrocities, but the truth is that our fallen are but a microcosm of the realities facing a world we so easily exploit yet take no responsibility for.

Today:  Fifty-five killed, 300+ injured in a series of explosions.  Forty civilians killed in targeted attacks by a corrupt government.  At least twenty-nine dead and fifty-eight injured in one suicide blast.  Twenty-five children dead in targeted air and chemical attacks.  Thirty-seven killed and hundreds injured in yet another earthquake.

The numbers above are only a small amount of those taken daily around this world yet only today do I hear sorrow on the tongues of those who are crying and hearthbroken over three individuals who share the burden of the rest of the world.

I do not condone nor make light of the events that occurred hours from my hometown, in a city I have often visited and often loved.  But what I do condemn is the shock and disbelief of a righteous people who habitually acknowledge only that which occurs at the tip of their nose yet hold no true regard for the lives taken as a result of that righteousness, as a result of the greedy necessity of our comforts.

Personally, I am neither surprised nor distressed about the events of today, though I am saddened.  But, most of all, I am angry…in a complex way that I cannot seem to comprehend.  Any senseless loss of life is just that…senseless, and stupid.  What I cannot understand, and what I fear I might never will, is how can the people of this nation claim to bleed such compassion towards humanity and the atrocities of our commonplace habits yet often know nothing about and care nothing about the real perils the bulk of mankind must live with daily at our expense, at the expense of our luxuries and greed, of our obtuse obsessions?

What truly bothers me about the events in Boston today is how we could, still, be so collectively ignorant to our hypocrisy.

ART, NOT DEBT is Launched!!!

Hi there everyone.  So, I would like to believe at least one of you has been wondering where I am and why I have not posted in a while.  Well, I have been working on a new project called ART, NOT DEBT.

It started like this.  Years ago, I was watching a football game and thought, If 1/3 of the people there gave me one dollar, I’d be debt free.  After years of not having the nerve to start asking people for a buck, a really close friend of mine pushed me over the edge where logic meets insanity.

$15,000 in debt; 15,000 people; 15,000 poems.

That’s right.  I am asking you for one dollar.  And, in the realm of paying it forward and re-creating a world where art and not commerce is our major influence, I will dedicate my life for the next few years to doing the most soul-satisfying thing I do…Writing Poetry.

$1.  That’s it.  Won’t you help??


THANKS and See Ya Soon