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keep dreaming

I am a dead man, with ghosts, everyday, passing through me, reminding me: Keep Dreaming.  I watch an imaginary screen exposing me to two-dimensional love, filling me with hope of the tragedy I long ago stopped believing in…Keep Dreaming. Read the rest of this entry »


Chicken & the egg
and the art of denial
the abyss is hollow
consuming shallow
stay away…they say they say
cry out to the heavens instead
avoid the darkness  Read the rest of this entry »

can you?

Your tattoos mean nothing
       they are a moment of confidence within a lifetime
       of conformity.  But can you grow old as an outlaw?

Your piercings are decoration
       they do not imply to me a cultural rebellion
       which conveys real strength. Can you be more than a symbol?

Your anarchy is a painting
       it is a fashion of fictitious individualistic fissure;
       a facade to hide behind.  Can you protect the uncool?

Your righteousness is hollywood
       it is the plague of weakness which feeds the sins
       of ego. Can you stand alone for what is truly right?

I have lived long enough now on both sides of the curtain
to understand the difference between the tough and the strong
                                                                  the lustful and the passionate
                                                                  the fabricators and the artists
                                                                  the beautiful and the attractive
                                                                  the pin-up and the muse
                                                                  the rebel and the individual

Your masks are repulsive
       they hide the rare gem of life you have been gifted with
       Can you truly expose yourself?




two poems from the old man bar

Pour me another pitcher of wine.
My preference is to drink to life
rather than hide from death.

Face me, Fear!
Look me in the eye, coward,
because there is nothing you can take from me anymore.
My life will not be wasted embracing you
as I push on forward towards the inevitable. Read the rest of this entry »

quarantine diary (2 of 3)

Oftentimes, most people I talk with will always debate that scientific fact trumps all opinion and feeling in a debate.  But that is usually only until scientific fact is used to make that same point against their opinions and feelings. At that point, the conversation then focuses more on the messenger rather than the message; The interaction becomes more about compassion, civility and tonality rather than the facts laid bare.  

It is quite frustrating talking with people these days.  

Denial.  There is so much denial.  When did critical thinking become wrong, bad? When did we stop questioning authority and become too sensitive to question each other, challenge each other? When did we stop believing our own common sense and start trusting politicians and the media?  Everyone disapproves of what “the opposition” is doing, but everyone also seems to believe that means we must equally approve of and support anyone and anything opposing it.  Most people do not even know who the individuals are they are supporting or what they are supporting and why.  Most people do not take into account the entire circumference of what they support, the consequences, the law of cause-and-effect. We just simply support the party or the state or the sentiment.   Read the rest of this entry »

quarantine diary (1 of 3)

It is the rhetoric that scares me.  Human rhetoric.  Already the most dangerous and feared living organism on this planet, we have made ourselves worse by our mostly blind obedient rhetoric.  And every time something like this happens, I still manage to find myself surprised that we are turning a blind eye again. One thing I have learned and also teach is that, to begin to change the problems of our society, we need to stop being surprised by the expected. But, even still, I am surprised by the world´s response.  Still, it makes me internally exhausted hearing the phrases, “We have to do whatever we can,” and “we must do what they tell us.” 

I am of the 9/11 generation.  When I was 23 years old, I was there in NYC during the attack.  I was not “woke” or aware, really, by that point in my life.  I was cynical, I was suspicious and I was starting to get angry by the time the planes hit, but I was pretty clueless as well.  Read the rest of this entry »

Please lose your mind…

The solution to 
All of our problems
All of our anxieties
Will magically disappeared
The moment we truly
Throughout every cell inside of us
And always have been.  

We are determined to believe 
Wisdom comes with age
Wisdom comes with parenthood
Wisdom come with education
that we accept any form of these as being on the right path

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i say; you say

Do we really care?

The privileged stay home, silently

while those who have always suffered

    do even more so now

We lock the poor and sick in pig pens

    and congratulate each other for the hard, necessary work

    “We all must do our part.  We all must do what is essential”

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“What Can We Do?”

A few days ago I posted this:

“imagine if we cared this much about our planet being destroyed, about the tens of millions who are starving to death, about the thousands of bombs still being dropped daily and about all of the laws being sneaked through our governments now because no one is watching…all we are doing now with this virus is proving once and for all that we are all perfectly capable of changing the world and that we are just choosing not to 😦 “

In response to that, I have heard from many people, “What else can we do besides quarantine?  Those other problems in the world you bring up are not things we can do anything about, especially here, and isolated. Staying in quarantine is what is within our power to do.”

I thought about this a lot, and although I have completely changed a lot in MY life, I have a great friend/brother in NY who keeps reminding me to not be a hypocrite. I am always pressuring him to change his community, but I live nowhere, so I have no roots to lay down.  But, when I keep having people ask me, “Well, what else can we do?”, I realize now that my roots are everywhere.  I am always calling for solidarity, but, now I realize with this thing going on that solidarity really CAN be achieved worldwide.  I always believed ideally it could, but never had the hope that anything would really bring a large majority of the world together (and I am still extremely skeptical that humanity really will take action like this, continually, permanently from now on, for the things that really matter.).  But, Brian, and everyone, here is to hope!

(If you need references or contacts for anything below, just write me a private message)

What can we do? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Did You Bring Me Into This World?

“‘Dad.  Why did you bring me into this world?’

One day, I will be asked this question.  And, I will not know how to answer it. I simply do not have an answer for it.  He will ask me one day, probably sooner than I would like, ‘Dad, you knew the world was falling apart.  You knew the destruction was too much to fix. You knew there was no hope anymore, that every generation here on in are condemned.  You knew. Why did you bring me here?’

I know he is capable of changing it, but he knows that this is not his burden to bear.  When he asks, he will know I forced it upon him by bringing him into existence. I helped, collectively, to create this pain, destruction and disaster then selfishly brought him to life to saddle him with this impossible fate.  

How do I tell my son that I was selfish?

How do I tell him that my want to experience fatherhood was greater than the responsibility I should have had.  He will ask me this because he knows I am intelligent. Because he knows that I am a leader among my community, and that I am someone he and my little town look to for truth, for direction.  He will ask me this because he trusts me, even though nothing in that question elicits such; He trusts me even though I suspect he understands that, just by merely bringing him to life, just by conceiving him, I have severed the bond of security he could have ever had for me.  With me. Read the rest of this entry »